Ty Ty Nursery Berry Plants

The Nursery at Ty Ty - Berry

The Nursery at Ty Ty – Berry

Plant healthy and well-fruiting berry plants in your garden to adorn it with shining ripe berries. Ty Ty Nursery in Georgia offers you a selection of finest berry plant varieties bred by plant experts.

New scientific and agro-biological researches have paved the way to introduce hybridized plant varieties to the world with higher regional compatibility. As a result, you can now grow plant varieties in your garden which were previously not available in your region due to compatibility issues. The United States Department of Agriculture researchers and berry plant breeders at Beltsville, MD with The Coastal Experiment Station at Tifton, GA have developed a new hybrid Rabbit eye blueberry with improved ability to grow under varying climatic conditions with higher regional compatibility. These new bushes with improved desirable traits have been cultivated by inter-crossing the genetically variant selections of blueberry plants which show superior characteristics with blackberry bushes and native raspberry species. The revolutionary discovery is expected to be a turning point in the commercial berry industry.

Blackberry Vines

Make your orchard complete and more attractive with fruit bearing blackberry vines. These vines bear improved intrinsic characteristics which have been induced through means of hybridization. They will add such beauty to your garden completing its picture as a lush orchard. Ty Ty Nursery offers you 12 blackberry varieties from which you select the best for your garden.

Red Raspberry Plants

Red Raspberry is a native plant species in the US and can be grown in most states. We have a specially developed Dorman Raspberry variety suitable for growing in the southern states under higher humidity and hot temperature during summer. We have a selection of 12 Raspberry plant varieties which have their own unique features. Select the best Raspberry variety for your garden from Ty Ty Nursery.

Blueberry Plants

Eight blueberry varieties are available at Ty Ty Nursery from which you can select the most preferred variety for your garden. Each and every variety has its own uniqueness in color and particularly the taste. Blueberries grown in home gardens are the best in quality. Enjoy cultivation while saving money. These blueberry varieties are selected from the best fruiting blueberry plants with higher ability to grow under stress conditions. These blueberry plants are very easy to grow and require less care in maintenance. Above all, they are guaranteed to live. Grow blueberry plants in your garden today to harvest your own blueberries tomorrow.

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