The Threats of Improperly Filtered Drinking Water


ASAP Water Solutions

ASAP Water Solutions – Often times, water treatment plants are not enough to provide clean drinking water as an improperly protected water system can leave you at risk of consuming or coming into contact with potentially dangerous toxins. The Great Lakes, which border both Canada and the U.S, have faced various threats over recent years, from industrial pollution to invasive species, but another challenge has come to the forefront: the emerging chemical threat.

It’s not just pesticides, scientists are finding worrying levels of pharmaceutically active compounds such as anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, anti-epileptics, and beta blockers in lake water. This is often caused by pharmaceuticals that are flushed down toilets and dumped into sinks which are not stopped at water treatment plants, as sewage and water treatment plants are not designed to handle pharmaceutical substances.

As a result, this has lead to a “vast” array of drugs in varying levels in the Great Lakes and in turn, our drinking water. Substances such as antidepressants, antibiotics, and steroid hormones will eventually make it into groundwater that is then tapped into a house which could cause adverse effects on humans. As well as this, hormones, pesticides and alkyl phenols have been identified as threats within our drinking water. The warning about pesticides in the lakes being that “many pesticides are suspected of being endocrine disruptors which can cause sexual abnormalities and reproductive failure.” Elevated levels of pesticides are found in the Great Lakes during late spring and summer when agricultural activities are in full bloom.

What should be of greatest concern to you are the effects these chemicals can have on you and your family over time.

It has been found during inspection of aquatic organisms, that said toxins are causing alterations in reproductive systems as well as causing other health defects ranging from minor to more worrisome. This surfaces the possibility that the same toxins will effect humans in a similar way if enough of this contaminated water is consumed, and other serious health risks may begin to emerge.

A simple filtration system in your home can aid in the prevention of these chemicals reaching your family. ASAP Water Solutions products are certified to reduce your water back to it’s purest form, and help your family stay healthy for years to come.

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