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Gardening was a popular hobby among people in centuries ago. Even kings and queens paid special attention to their royal gardens and orchards. They even appointed a separate staff to maintain the gardens. In spite of the class or economic status, people still love gardening as a hobby. A gardener is always a happy human. We at Ty Ty Nursery takes pride in delivering well-cared and healthy plants to our valued customers which can be grown successfully in your locality.

Ty Ty Nursery in Georgia offers a wide range of fruit bearing and ornamental plants to its customers spread across the world who have a special penchant for growing plants. Our plant bank boasts a large number of plant varieties that include fruit trees, nut trees, grape vines and flowering bulbs. We offer a wide range of apple varieties which can be grown under various climatic conditions. Ty Ty Nursery specializes in distributing varieties of apple tress that thrive in in warm conditions of the American Southeast and Southwest. Anna apple and the EinShemer are two examples for such apple varieties that show an optimum growth rate in the latter mentioned American regions. Both of these varieties were originally bred in Israel prior to propagating in America. Ty Ty Nursery has fruit bearing plant varieties which bear fruits in different times of the year. You can choose the variety you need with the support of plant experts at Ty Ty Nursery.

There are also various other types of plants available at our nursery based in Georgia. This country provides just the favorable conditions for plants to grow. Each and every plant is grown taking individual care by plant experts. Growth conditions of the plants are maintained properly at plant nursery keeping an excellent level of hygiene and GAP (Good Agriculture Practices). We also distribute asexually propagated plant varieties with special traits of tolerance and adaptability.

Have plant varieties in your garden that aren’t available in any other location in your locality. Ty Ty Nursery plants are bred using special techniques to assure optimum growth on foreign soils. Purchase the most exotic and rare varieties of grape vines, Chicago Fig trees, Russian Pomegranate trees, Pecan trees and hybrid persimmon trees from Ty Ty Nursery. We guarantee an extremely low casualty rate for plants we sell. Refer the official website for planting videos and more interesting facts on special plants available at Ty Ty nursery, Georgia.


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