Quit Selling And Start Investing In Natural Color Diamonds – by Dikran Khatcherian

diversity wealth management - Dikran khatcherian

Diversity Wealth Management – Dikran Khatcherian

The growing demand of diamonds, especially in emerging countries has made for an increase in price of the precious stone in recent years. As a result, major diamond collectors and dealers suggest that the development has opened a large room for people to stop buying diamonds but start investing in them. This is where Diversity Wealth Management comes in!

DWM is owned by Dikran Khatcherian and specializes in helping individuals or groups to maintain significant wealth by channeling them towards the great diamond investment path. Particularly, Diversity Wealth Management deals in bringing wealth to your fingertips by collecting and selling natural color diamonds.

Natural color diamonds were formed billions of years ago but have only surfaced for the world to see just recently. These pieces were also disregarded by geological oddities not quite long ago but today, they are considered the most significant form of wealth globally.

Natural color diamonds are unique gems as they exist in almost every size and color that can be imagined. The value is based on its strength, rarity and color variation. The strength of the one’s color is an important factor when determining the value of a particular piece – more intensity brings greater value.

Similar to gold, natural colored diamonds have experienced high increase in monetary worth over the last few years.

In 2011, a 6.01 Carat Blue and Pink Diamond ring were sold at $10 Million USD which was a world record price per carat for a diamond of that caliber.

Literally, only 1 carat colored diamond is found from every 10,000 carat colorless diamonds mined. These diamonds are rare, remarkable and they only make for 1% of all diamonds that evolve today. These diamonds vary from Red to Violet, Orange, Pink, Black, Green, Purple and many more. Some colors are rare to the extent that they reach auction houses directly from mines.

Natural colored diamonds as seen by Diversity Wealth Management have proved consistent appreciation since the beginning of tracking back in the 70’s and some colors have shown up to 50% to 80% appreciation some days.

At Diversity Wealth Management, we don’t only help you invest in color diamonds but also assist you in making the right choice when making a purchase. Our aim is to promote and maintain your wealth hence bringing the opportunities provided by natural color diamonds and present them to you for selection.

Investment, Wealth – All we know!

The Dikran Khatcherian’s company offers:

  • Straightforward investments
  • Diversified investments
  • Stable dealings
  • Real customer control
  • Value growth
  • Portable dealings across geographic markets….

It is no secret anymore that there is tight supply and increasing demand of natural color diamonds. These precious stones are rare unfortunately but through Diversity Wealth Management, you will not only have several pieces to choose from but also make them your consistent source of wealth.

DWD is a world’s leading provider of top-notch natural color diamonds and a professional adviser on the sale of natural color diamonds.

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