Press Release: Diversity Wealth Management Helping People to Invest In Colored Diamonds

Diversity Wealth Management

Diversity Wealth Management

Summary: Diversity Wealth Management, a Toronto, Ontario based company, is helping people invest in colored diamonds. The company provides information to its visitors about natural color diamond assets.

April 28, 2015: Diversity Wealth Management is assisting many people to invest in colored diamonds. The company is helping its customers make the correct decision when buying a natural color diamond for investment reasons.

Diversity Wealth Management provides a wealth of important facts about natural color diamonds and why they are becoming the preferred alternative, over several other investment options, in the hard asset market. Buying hard assets like natural color diamonds has a proven record and beats other investment options in such aspects as status, sustainability, confidentiality, profits and maintenance-free possessions. Natural color diamonds are 1 in 10000 of all the mined carats.

According to a report on the website, with the help of Diversity Wealth Management, a 0.5 carat fancy intense pink diamond valued at $30,500/carat in 2003 went for $63,000/carat in 2008 and in 2013 the same stone was valued at $145,000/carat.

In 2003, a 2.0 carat fancy intense yellow diamond with a VS+ clarity rating, is valued at $5 000/carat; in 2013 the value goes up to $13,500/carat, that is a 270 percent appreciation in ten years.

When contacted, Dikran Khatcherian, the CEO of Diversity Wealth Management (also known as Diko Khatcherian) said, “A unique purchase requires a unique partnership. We offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with the ultimate hard asset.” He further added, “It is important to get the best information and knowledge about diamonds to make the best investment choice. We are winning the trust of investors by empowering them with the information essential for making confident decisions. We provide our investors with the most up to date facts about the natural color diamond market.”

Diversity Wealth Management is committed to offering only the highest quality natural color diamonds to its clients. The company also counsel clients on the trade of natural color diamonds and the construction of custom jewelry designed to show your natural color diamond at its best.

About Diversity Wealth Management

Diversity Wealth Management provides facts and information about Natural Color Diamonds. The company helps its clients make informed decisions when it comes to investing in natural color diamonds.

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Contact Person: Dikran Khatcherian

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