Playa Tesoro by Nica Projects

Playa Tesoro Nicaragua

Playa Tesoro Nicaragua

Beachfront properties are highly sought after with no exception to areas with much rain. The relaxing feeling from water makes a lot of people want to stay near a beach most times. Not to mention the refreshing relaxation and enjoyment one gets from watching the waves splash beautifully onto the shore. For many people, it is a dream that is hard to resist!

Every thanks to Playa Tesoro, a community for home owners and guests is being arranged on the premier beach front near the city of Leon. The initiative is to build a platform for over 100 home owners who call the island their vacation home. Both home owners and guests enjoy essential facilities such as restaurant, bar, fishing lodge and several others.

Playa Tesoro is located on an island that sits between the Pacific Ocean and Tamarindo River in Nicaragua and has a considerable amount of beach front with its 30+ acres of land.  Because rental property is a profitable investment but has its own pitfalls, Nica Projects services the land in this region and their experienced staff will assist both home owners and part-time residents to avoid these pitfalls and other issues associated with owning a rental property.

Here’s a few reasons why people would want to rent your beachfront homes:

  • The Breathtaking View: Most rentals give a beautiful view of the coastline. Guests enjoy relaxing on the front deck with ocean breeze blowing through their hair.
  • Fun Activities: Guests enjoy various beach activities like boogie-boarding and surfing. Family picnics and bonfire are great activities people enjoy doing and can only be enjoyed at beach rentals.
  • Own Space: There is nothing like having your own space. Playa Tesoro beach rentals make it possible for home owners to create a comfy space for guests at the Island. It is simply home away from home. That’s what guests want and that’s why Nica Projects will continue to be a favorite!


  • Entering into a lease with tenants
  • Collection of rents from tenants and forwarding proceeds to the owner
  • Initiation of legal action against tenants on behalf of home owners
  • Coordination of repairs and maintenance for properties
  • Provision of annual statements to home owners for each property.

Before any tenant moves in to your property, Playa Tesoro ensures that proper inspection is done. Same for after each tenant leaves. Also, tenants are directed to pay for minor repairs as a means to reduce the your overall maintenance cost.

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