Nica Projects, Building Your Dream Home

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Nica Projects Building Your Dream Home

Building a house is the work of a constructor, but building a home is the work of a family. We are excited to announce you our brand new luxury house development project in close vicinity of the beautiful Tamarindo Beach. Let us join our hands together to make your lifelong dream a reality. Build your dream home on one of the finest locations on planet Earth, Tamarindo Beach.

Design the home of your imagination with the support of our design professionals. Nica Projects offer you full freedom to design your own home instead of giving you options to select from a range of existing designs. It allows you to build your home just the way you want it. Decide the number of bedrooms, kitchen areas, terrace, living room and everything. A custom designed home also saves you money in long term. Our ultimate goalis to deliver you a home that fully satisfies you. We measure our success by your satisfaction.

Experience the epitome of luxury living in your own residence built on the Tamarindo sands. Tamarindo locality is full of little wonders. The Juan Venado Island – National Reserve is a well-known coastal wetland in Nicaragua which locally and internationally famed for its high biodiversity. This is a great opportunity for nature lovers to live close by an island that boasts a rich combination of fauna and flora. This area is a small haven for tourists from all over the world who flock in annually in search of uniqueness and true Nicaragua experience. This land provides you opportunity to engage in a range of outdoor activities including fishing, canopying, kayaking, surfing, sun and beach etc. Explore all Nicaragua within a few hours proximity to your home. Tamarindo Beach project builds your home in a location from where best wonders of Nicaragua are only a few hours away.

This new development project opens us an ocean of opportunities for real estate investors. This area of Nicaragua is full of tourist attractions and recreational activities. Annual records show that Tamarindo Beach is receiving more tourists every year passed. If your prime intention is to invest your money in a property that will bring you a lucrative return, this is you ultimate opportunity. Rentals in Tamarindo Beach fetch high prices given the increasing demand among tourists, both local and international. Invest your money in safe and secure profitable prospects with Nica Projects.


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