Geoff Bramwell, the President of Nica Projects Ltd…

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Nica Projects, Nicaragua

It takes a real leader to drive a company and its employees to make success their passion. Geoff Bramwell is such a leader who believes in constant motivation and perseverance. Bramwell has over 20 years of solid experience in the real estate business. He is one in a team of three brothers who have been operating in the Central American country of Nicaragua. In real estate business, one major success factor is the networking ability of its administration and employees. The president of Nica Projects Ltd. Geoff Bramwell has contacts and extensive experience in the property market and continues to develop his network of professionals so as to further expand the reach of Nica Projects Ltd.

Geoff Bramwell is one of the world’s best and most sought after specialists on real estate business. In fact, they are the world’s top specialists in their private island of 1500 acre land area. Bramwell is a graduate of Ivey Business School at Western University, the top business school in Canada. He served as the vice president of the student council in final year. He also held the chair of treasurer in his first year at Ivey. Ivey is a prestigious academia which produces graduates to Harvard and Insead.

He founded the Brammy Brothers Restoration Ltd in 1989. Brammy Bros is a construction and maintenance contractor for large housing complexes, high rises and shopping malls. Bramwell has excelled in the real estate business in both British Columbia and Alberta. His vision transcends the common perspective of real estate development.He boasts a career portfolio for holding various notable positions in leading real estate agencies. He was a negotiator n Colliers International and also Knowlton Realty Ltd.

He bears the instincts of identifying profitable and lucrative land sale opportunities with promising future prospects. Geoff Bramwell is on his way to becoming an entrepreneurial magnate in the real estate business. His service at Nica Projects Ltd as its president since 2004 has vastly contributed to the development of the company. He took initiative in launching the two major projects of the company Tamarindo Beach & Ocean Estates and Suenos Beach project. Nica Projects Ltd is striving to deliver its clients a highly satisfactory service through commitment and professional consultancy.


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