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Wolf dog hybrids are the result of mating a dog and a wild wolf and this kind has existed for several thousands of years. In the early days, they are known to hunt for mammoths in Europe. Nowadays, wolves are normally bred with Malamutes, Huskies and German Shepherds; an example of what Chaparral Farm does to raise a resulting hybrid which can be very appealing to those who want an exotic pet yet, keeping the wolf appearance.

Although many people have the problem of taking wolves as a pet (with the ‘they are not safe’ mindset), statistics rather prove that there aren’t many instances of wolf dog attacks recorded and the ones that have shown up are mostly related to the fact that the dogs were being maltreated. It could be a situation of the hybrid being chained or locked up in a pen, thereby denying it of being socialized; in such cases any breed of dog will turn to be an aggressive dog. The personality and disposition of the god highly depends on how it is being treated.

At Chaparral Farm, their specialty is to raise wolf dogs and White German Shepherds; Nothing More! Nothing Less! This also spans to be their passion. Chaparral Farm Reviews will make you understand that wolves are not aggressive animals like Hollywood portray them to be in their movies. They are however highly intelligent animals with a working relationship and a strong family bonding. Love nature? There is no doubt you would enjoy the companionship of a well-bred wolf dog from Chaparral Farm.

For the best pet experience, Chaparral Farm’s wolf dogs and White German Shepherds are given the best of natural dog food with zero tolerance for harmful additives or ingredients that can lead to cancer. Other good food served to them are vegetables, raw meat bones and NuVet vitamins. Herbs, vitamins and essential oils are adopted to keep the dogs active and healthy.

An excerpt from one of Chaparral Farm Reviews says – “Just a short note to let you know how much we love our new white Shepherd puppy BOLO. You really did a great job in pairing us up with the perfect dog….”

A wolf dog or White German Shepherd can be an incredibly loving companion and since these dogs have been specially trained by passionate people, you have nothing to worry about regarding the destructive side of these species. Remember though, that you have to treat them like real pets in order to enjoy them to the fullest. Can’t wait already? Contact Jim and Karen’s Chaparral Farm for your own pet dog now!