Bob Refani | Real Estate on the Rise in Canada

Bob Refani, Real Estate Tutoring

Real Estate Tutoring | With populations on the rise everywhere, housing needs continue to expand as well. This is why now is a better time than ever to become a real estate agent. People are living longer and in turn there are more generations requiring housing. While there was a time when aging parents used to live with grown children or grown children used to live with parents to help with young children, and aunts and uncles, or cousins in need became part of the nuclear family under one roof, more and more people are looking for their own roof – especially here in Canada where there is so much land provided.

We live in a generation where people wish to be independent; their own cars, lives, and their own homes separate from their immediate family. Sunday dinner is enough togetherness for the whole family, and it is this kind of intense need for independence and ownership that opens up and creates demand the real estate market. Again, here in Canada and more specifically in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), people do not want to rent as our neighbours to the south so commonly do. They want to buy and in every sale is a commission for a real estate agent. That agent could be you, especially with Bob Refani’s tutoring through Real Estate Tutoring. As well as this, more people are moving than ever before, giving a very real meaning to the term “global community”. Whether they are moving across the world or across the continent, from one country to another, to a new city, to the country, or just to a new home, they are changing residences more frequently than at any time in history. This is causing a mass world-wide shuffle, and each of these residences need the help of real estate agents. Many are choosing to call Canada home, if they aren’t already, and to facilitate a relocation, whether from across the world or across the street; this is where real estate agents can help.

That is what the job is about – helping people find a home. This job is also about helping to turn that home into the best investment possible. Right now, the stats are out. In September 2012, the average selling price for real estate in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had an increase of more than 8.5% since last September, and the price of sales is still on the rise, creating a perfect real estate environment. What real estate agents have to offer is a valuable commodity in today’s market. People rely on them. People trust them. And people pay them a lot of money for what they do, creating a win-win situation.


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