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Bob Refani, Real Estate Tutoring

Real Estate Tutoring is ranked as one of the leading Real Estate Tutoring programs offered in Ontario, providing professional skills in the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate Tutoring works on all aspects of career education for licensing and fostering professional development of its valued students and is constantly intensifying its library of lessons, notes, textbooks, sample test papers, and additional resources for its students.

Real estate tutoring is the only professional and systematic school providing support for passing real estate courses. The employees at Real Estate Tutoring value their students’ time by making it the number one priority to ensure every single student feels confident with the material.

Real Estate Tutoring treasures the notion of studying smart, not hard. Their experienced instructors ensure study sessions are 100% efficient by placing an emphasis on the most important topics. By working hard to help their real estate aspirants ace the OREA exam and start their career in real estate, Real Estate Tutoring prepares their students to start their careers without wasting precious time or hard-earned money.

If you want to clear the OREA exam and obtain a Real Estate License, you are already licensed and taking the Articling courses, or you wish to get your Broker license; Real Estate Tutoring is the perfect place to accomplish your goals as a real estate agent. Real Estate Tutoring Inc. was founded in Ontario by Bob Refani. Some of the services that the business offers are 1-2 hour weekend classes and individual tutoring or small group tutoring.

In addition you are provided with the option to choose lessons on specific subjects such as: real estate math, how to work with the HP102B calculator, and important theory subjects such as Agency Relationship, Real Estate Business Broker Act, and land development. The tutoring is set up in a classroom format, but still provides the freedom to teach you one on one. As well as this, whenever students feel ready they are able to immediately write the exam. There is a 90-95% passing rate for students from Real Estate Tutoring taking the real estate exam. Students may also come back anytime and in as many sessions as they wish if they would like to get extra help and want to repeat the courses for free.

Website: www.realestatetutoring.com


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